Nano Impacting Ontario

Serve Members

Represent the interests of members from academic, government, industrial, and financial sectors in the development of nanotechnologies in Ontario.

Build Capacity

Members work together to raise the profile, increase the research, build the investment and drive economic returns (more…)

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Recent News & Events

NanoSupply – Peer Sharing of Nanomaterials is a free online resource that provides an opportunity to find and share information about nanomaterials in academic labs available for collaboration or donation for research and/or educational purposes. (more…)

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Nano Korea 2014 Trade Mission

AGY Consulting, in collaboration with NanoQuébecNanoOntario, is organizing trade and science mission to South Korea from June 30th to July 4th 2014. This event will be structured around Nanokorea 2014 tradeshow and exhibition. This event is one of the top 3 Nano Technology exhibitions in the world with more than 420 exhibitors, 12 000 professionals, key researchers, investors and visitors from 40 countries. (more…)

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