Conference Policies 2016

Policy on Respectful Dialogue

The 7th Nano Ontario Conference will welcome a wide diversity of researchers as well as industry leaders and government agency representatives. Participants will be encouraged to keep criticism constructive, and to avoid personal attacks. Debate of ideas will be encouraged, allowing delegates to enjoy a lively and stimulating conference.

Policy on Gender Equality

The 7th Nano Ontario Conference will strive to achieve gender representation in line with the gender balance in our research community at varying career stages. The conference will aim to achieve this by gender balance on its Conference Organizing Committee, its selection of plenary and invited speakers, its selection of participants in the Industry-Academia Panel, and its selection of session chairs.

The 7th Nano Ontario Conference will be the first in this series of conferences to present a gender policy and to collate information on gender balance. We will request that delegates voluntarily disclose their gender (male, female, other) and career stage at the time of abstract submission. This will provide important information for tracking and for improving gender equality over time. The conference will advance the position that research excellence in this research area requires acknowledging achievements of all genders as well as encouraging and inspiring future research leaders of all genders.

Nano Impacting Ontario

Serve Members

Represent the interests of members from academic, government, industrial, and financial sectors in the development of nanotechnologies in Ontario.

Build Capacity

Members work together to raise the profile, increase the research, build the investment and drive economic returns (more…)

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