Invited Speakers 2017

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2017 Conference Speaker Bios

Christine Allen

University of Toronto

"Nanomedicines in Oncology: Successes and Challenges"

Elizabeth Gilles

Western University

"Amplifying Stimuli for Drug Release: Self-Immolative Delivery Systems"

John Dutcher

University of Guelph

"PhytoSpherix Nanoparticles in Nanomedicine"

Shana Kelley

University of Toronto

“Profiling Cells Inside and Out Using Nanostructured Materials”

Gang Zheng

University Health Network

"Porphysome Nanotechnology: Discovery, Clinical Translation and Beyond"

Li-Lin Tay

NRC Ottawa

"Plasmonic Nanosensors for Biosensing and Imaging"

Leyla Soleymani

McMaster University

"Advanced Materials for Lowering the Limit-of-Detection of Handheld Biosensors"

Warren Chan

University of Toronto

"Nanomedicine 2.0"

Zoya Leonenko

University of Waterloo

"Nanotechnology approaches to study molecular mechanism of Alzheimer's disease"

Shan Zou

National Research Council, Ottawa

"Nanosafety and toxicity assessment using cellular model systems"

Muhammad Rizwan & Evelyn Yim

University of Waterloo

"Micro and Nano-topography Patterned Substrates for Modulation of Cellular Response in Corneal Tissue Engineering Applications”

Simone Psana

York University

"SPR and Magneto-optic-SPR-based Biosensors”

Kathryn Grandfield

McMaster University

“Characterizing Nano-Biomaterials Interfaces: Correlative Microscopies for Bone Applications”

Hendrick de Haan

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

“Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles Driven by Iron and Iron-Containing Proteins”

Marianna Foldvari

University of Waterloo

“Needle-free nanomedicines – an overview of research, technologies and translation to the clinic”

Jaclyn Brusso

University of Ottawa

“Exploring Tunable Nanoscale Metal Complexes Through Ligand Design”

Jin Zhang

Western University

“Nanostructured Biosensor for Detecting Glucose in Tear by Applying Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Quenching Mechanism”

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