Message from the Executive Director

It is with great honor that I have accepted to become the Chair of NanoOntario and ensure a continuity of what has been built by my predecessors Arthur Carty and Walter Stewart, since 2008.

NanoOntario reflects the excellence of the science and engineering accomplished by our researchers and the R&D innovation driven by of our industry members. This dynamic field is supported by multiple Ontario-based facilities with complementary expertise in fabrication of devices, synthesis of advanced materials and characterization of surfaces and interfaces.

From an academic prospective, the field has consistently increased its impact in applications as diverse as photonics, drug delivery, sensing devices and green technologies. The number of specialized high impact scientific journals and conferences in this field is a key metric to gauge the increasing importance of nanoscale science in chemistry, physics and engineering.

It is therefore important for us to capitalize on these aspects together with Ontario investments made over the past two decades to initiate new funding models that support collaborative work between industry and academia.

As the new chair of NanoOntario, I will continue to enthusiastically promote the excellence of the science and engineering done in our Universities and Colleges and though our annual conference and industry workshops. I also want to involve more of our industry collaborators to be a part of NanoOntario and increase access to our facilities.

I will work with all members of NanoOntario as well with funding agencies to support industry-academic projects and increase the impact of our actions.  We will work with the other provincial nano-consortiums and NanoCanada for a mutual benefit of our concerted actions.

I would like to thank you for your vote of confidence and I am looking forward to work with you during my term as chair.

Dr. François Lagugné-Labarthet (Western University)

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