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October 8, 2015 | Office of the Premier

MOU on Establishing Nanotechnology Innovation Centre

The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province signed an MOU to promote and facilitate the establishment of an Ontario-Jiangsu Nanotech Innovation Centre. This centre will connect Ontario and Jiangsu nanotechnology resources, strengthen bilateral collaboration in nanotechnology industries, integrate nanotechnology information databases, organize bilateral nanotechnology forums and expos, and actively promote mutual visits and collaboration among nanotechnology research organizations, innovation centres and businesses. Nano Ontario and NanopolisSuzhou Co. Ltd. will implement and operate the centre on behalf of Ontario and Jiangsu, respectively.

Agreement on Building Nanotechnology Innovation Center

Nano Ontario and NanopolisSuzhou Co. Ltd. signed an MOU to establish and operate the Ontario-Jiangsu Nanotech Innovation Center, which will start operations in Jiangsu before December 1, 2015. Nano Ontario is a fully incorporated not-for-profit company that represents the interests of academic, government, industrial and finance community members in the development of nanotechnologies in Ontario. NanopolisSuzhou Co. Ltd. isa Chinese state-owned company of Suzhou Industrial Park that focuses on nanotech industry promotion and services to establish an ecosystem for nanotech innovation and commercialization in Jiangsu. Consideration will be given by the parties to establishing a similar Nanotech Innovation Centre in Ontario in future years.

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Nano Impacting Ontario

Serve Members

Represent the interests of members from academic, government, industrial, and financial sectors in the development of nanotechnologies in Ontario.

Build Capacity

Members work together to raise the profile, increase the research, build the investment and drive economic returns (more…)

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