NanoCanada is a pan-Canadian not for profit industry association that connects Canada’s Advanced Materials and Nano Community for a Global Impact. Through its values (Create, Collaborate and Serve), NanoCanada creates community through a collaborative network and serves its members through relationship building and a passion for promoting Canada’s excellence in science, innovation, and entrepreneurship. NanoCanada has an exceptional national and international reputation and network that it uses to showcase and launch Canadian innovators in advanced materials and nanotechnology. NanoCanada delivers significant economic impact thanks to its strong leadership and experience, identifying gaps in the Canadian innovation ecosystem, and developing programs to support its community.

NanoCanada est une association industrielle pancanadienne à but non lucratif qui relie la communauté canadienne en matériaux de pointe et nanotechnologie pour un impact mondial. Grâce à ses valeurs (Créer, Collaborer et Servir), NanoCanada crée une communauté par le biais d’un réseau de collaboration et sert ses membres par l’établissement de relations et la passion de promouvoir l’excellence du Canada en matière de science, d’innovation et d’entrepreneuriat. NanoCanada jouit d’une réputation et d’un réseau national et international exceptionnels qu’elle utilise pour mettre en valeur et lancer les innovateurs canadiens dans le domaine des matériaux de pointe et des nanotechnologies. NanoCanada a un impact économique important grâce à son leadership et à son expérience, en identifiant les lacunes de l’écosystème de l’innovation au Canada et en développant des programmes pour soutenir sa communauté.


PRIMA Québec – The advanced materials research and innovation hub – supports and facilitates the advanced materials ecosystem and acts as an engine of innovation and growth in Quebec. Through support and funding, it stimulates the competitiveness of Quebec companies by helping them benefit from research expertise.

Building on advanced expertise, it helps the industry leverage advanced technological knowledge by increasing the number of strategic connections between the field of academic research and companies of all sizes. Using its vision and expertise, it strengthens the innovation capacity of companies, making this strategic sector one of the most innovative.

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Under the impulsion of the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, NanoOntario and Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd. signed an MOU to establish and operate the Ontario-Jiangsu Nanotech Innovation Center, which started their operations in 2015. This centre will connect Ontario and Jiangsu nanotechnology resources, strengthen bilateral collaboration in nanotechnology industries, integrate nanotechnology information databases, organize bilateral nanotechnology forums and expos, and actively promote mutual visits and collaboration among nanotechnology research organizations, innovation centres and businesses. Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd. is a Chinese state-owned company of Suzhou Industrial Park that focuses on nanotech industry promotion and services to establish an ecosystem for nanotech innovation and commercialization in Jiangsu. An Ontario’s office is located in Nanopolis to help Canadian nanotech companies to further expand their business in China while a similar office has been opened by one of the nanoontario member at the Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnologies.


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