Nanotechnology Standards

Canada, along with over 34 other countries, is actively participating in international standards development for nanotechnologies at ISO and IEC since 2005.

Research scientists, physicists, chemists, engineers, manufacturers, regulators, non-government organizations and an evolving base of users are developing science-based standards to build world markets for nanomaterials, nano-based components, and products.

CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association - CSA), accredited by Standards Council Canada (SCC), is the facilitator for Canada’s nanotechnology standards committee, the Nano SMC. This is a cohesive, country-wide national forum for discussion, input, and participation in international standards work.

Canada participates in all Working Groups (WG) of ISO/TC 229 and IEC/TC113. Canada also serves as convenor for JWG1, Terminology and Nomenclature of both ISO/TC229 and IEC/TC113. All WGs of are listed here:

  • WG1, Terminology and Nomenclature, convened by Canada.
  • WG2, Measurement and Characterization, convened by Japan
  • WG3, Health, Safety and the Environment, convened by the United States,
  • WG4, Material Specifications, convened by China.
  • The Electrotechnical (electrical and electronics) Nanotechnologies committee, IEC/TC113 was formed in 2006. The first two WGs of IEC/TC113 are for the same subject areas, jointly with ISO/TC229, along with six additional WGs covering performance assessment, reliability, and four electrotechnical specific material/ product areas.

    Be involved in Standards!

    If you are interested in becoming a Nano SMC* (SMC for ISO/TC229 or SMC for IEC/TC113) member, or would like more information, please contact Brian Haydon, P. Eng., CSA Group at, or call 416‑747‑4006.

    * SMC: SCC (Standards Council Canada) Mirror Committee

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