Nano Impacting Ontario

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Represent the interests of members from academic, government, industrial, and financial sectors in the development of nanotechnologies in Ontario.

Build Capacity

Members work together to raise the profile, increase the research, build the investment and drive economic returns (more…)

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Recent News & Events

ICANM 2015

The objective of the conference is to explore the innovations and latest accomplishments in the areas of Advanced & Nano Materials. The conference will also focus on the latest developments in processing of different advanced and nano materials. (more…)

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Nano Ontario Conference 2014 Poster Winners

The board and organizers of the Nano Ontario 2015 Conference are pleased to congratulate the winners of the student post prize.

  • 1st Prize - Donald McGillivray
  • 2nd Prize - Mohammadali Tabatabaei
  • 3rd prize - Heather Filiatrault


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